The Puzzle Maker

Naomi Ireland

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    • The Puzzle Maker is a complete 10-lesson biblical theology program for use with children aged 6–12. Each lesson’s components are designed for churches to select from and mix and match so that the program can be run at various lengths, with different age groups and with diverse levels of resources. Every week includes as options a Family spot, a Talk, Application, Small group teaching material and activities, and critically the Puzzle Maker time. During the Puzzle Maker time, children earn puzzle pieces over the weeks that ultimately construct a big picture overview of God’s gospel message as told from the whole Bible. In the last lesson, this puzzle is flipped over to show what God’s people are looking forward to: being with Jesus in his forever kingdom.

      With a plethora of resources written and created exclusively for this program, from Activity sheets to crafts to PowerPoint supports to physical visual aids, this digital download provides all the teaching materials leaders will need for a successful and innovative Sunday school term, plus clear lists of the few extra physical resources required (such as pencils, scissors, etc.). Detailed preparation instructions are given for every lesson option. Every lesson also contains Leader’s notes, so that those delivering the material to the children are also growing in their faith and understanding.

      This program uses the NIrV as its base translation and in its handouts.

      After purchase you will download a ZIP file that contains the PDFs, PPTs and MP3s to be used. A purchasing church can run the program as many times as they like, but may not pass the materials on to another church.

      Lesson Bible passages
      1. God’s good creation Genesis 1–2
      2. God’s good creation goes bad Genesis 3
      3. God’s work of salvation Genesis 4–5
      4. Abraham’s family Genesis 12—Exodus 1
      5. The Promised Land Exodus–Judges
      6. The shadow of the kingdom 1 Samuel–2 Kings 24
      7. The message of the kingdom  1 Samuel–Malachi
      8. The true King comes  Matthew–John
      9. The Spirit of the King  Matthew 28:18–20; Acts; 2 Peter 3
      10. Our forever home 



      934mb ZIP file

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