Requirements for sharing resources

Bible studies & Church ministry programs

Our interactive Bible studies are great to use for personal study and devotion, to explore the Bible with one or more friends, or for a larger Bible study group. Our church ministry programs and resources are great to use for activities such as Sunday kids church groups, weekly kids clubs, holiday clubs, one-day children’s programs and seasonal events.These requirements explain how these studies are designed to be used.

These guidelines enable customers to obey copyright law, and enable us to continue to produce and distribute these and other valuable resources. When these guidelines are followed, authors and publishers receive the income they are rightfully entitled to, and the work of writing, publishing and distributing top-quality resources can continue. Thank you in advance for following these.

These requirements are explained below:

  • What you can do with your digital purchase: Each copy of an eBook (PDF, EPUB or Kindle file) that you purchase gives you one licence to download this resource for personal use. This one licence allows the licensee to store and display the eBook on any device they own, such as a laptop, tablet, phone etc. It also allows them to print a copy of the resource for their own use.

  • If you wish to print or email copies for other people, make copies available for download in a restricted access group, or plan to read out any part of the study to a group, please ensure you have purchased a copy for each member of that group.

  • What permissions are not included in your purchase: Purchase of this resource does not include permission to do the following:
- Share this resource on a publicly accessible (open) server or file-sharing service. Please ensure that the only people able to access this resource are those with a paid licence to use this resource, whether they have paid for this individually or it has been purchased on their behalf. If the resource is placed on a restricted access platform, please ensure that all downloads have been paid for.

- Onsell the resources you download to other people, other than receiving reimbursement for printing or licencing fees.

- Remove copyright and licence information notices, or indicate to others that these notices may be removed or disregarded.

We hope you enjoy your Youthworks Media resource!