The Cross

Edward Surrey



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    • Why are people still talking about a carpenter’s son who lived 2000 years ago? What is the go with this thing called a cross, and why do we see it on church rooftops and around people’s necks? And, really, what does this have to do with people living in the 21st century?

      In this conversational and sometimes humorous read, Edward Surrey finds answers to such questions and more, putting the spotlight on Jesus, his teachings, lifestyle and obedience to God, even to the point of death on a Roman cross.

      You’ll read about individuals—some fictitious, some real—whose habits, thoughts and problems might be similar to those of people you know, maybe even yourself. And you’ll discover why the life and death of this guy Jesus is still so important not just for Christians, but for everyone. 


      ‘If you ever tried reading the Bible and thought, “I’ll wait till the movie comes out”; if your first instinct with problems is to go to Google or Facebook for help; if you struggle to understand the need for faith, church or the Trinity; if you think Christianity is really only useful after you die—read this book.’

      Josh Apieczonek, Chaplain, St Andrew's Cathedral School (Sydney)

      ‘If you want a no nonsense account of why Jesus went to the cross and what this means for you, read this book. Ed writes in a way that is easy to understand and full of great illustrations so that no-one who opens this book will be able to miss the urgency of God’s invitation to us through the cross of Christ. As he takes you on a roller-coaster ride from Genesis to Revelation, you will be confronted with both the necessity and the challenge of the cross.’

      Scott Tubman, Assistant Rector, St James’ Church, Kenilworth, and Youth Ministry Lecturer, George Whitefield College (Cape Town, South Africa)

      ‘What do teenagers in our churches need most? If you’re a teenager reading this what do you need? It’s what this book offers: to see how the cross of Christ is a life changer. You can get your hands on a heap of Christian books that will tell great stories, entertain you, even make you feel good. There are very, very few that take you to the foot of the cross and help you see how wonderful Jesus Christ is; how his death and resurrection changes everything—your thoughts and desires, where your security and confidence lies, your hopes and dreams. If you’re a seasoned reader, read The Cross. If you’ve never read a Christian book before, start with The Cross.’

      James Pinto, Youth Worker, Bishop Hannington Anglican Church (Brighton, UK)

      ‘It’s highly readable, down-to-earth and accessible. It makes sense of the Old Testament in light of the New Testament, and illuminates Jesus to a teenage audience in relevant and engaging ways.’

      Rachael Holyome, Youth Worker, St. Leonard's Church (Exeter, UK) 

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