Talking Sex by the Book

Patricia Weerakoon



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    • Every parent faces the need to talk to their child about sex at one point or another. With so many complex questions and scenarios confronting today’s children, these conversations are becoming more and more crucial.

      But how do you start the conversation? How do you know what to tell your kids now, and what to leave until they are older? How do you talk through these issues with your child helpfully? And how do you overcome the barriers that might be holding you back or making you cringe?

      Patricia Weerakoon combines secular research with biblical guidelines to answer all these questions, and gives advice for different age levels from toddlers to teens and beyond on topics such as body development and image, sex and relationships, pornography and gender. There are also activities to help parents to work through their own hesitations and concerns.

      Whether you are a parent, carer, grandparent, aunt, uncle or part of the church family, this easy-to-follow guide is a must-have which can help you to give the kids in your life a roadmap for understanding and living out God’s plan for sex, identity and relationships.

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