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    • If you’re training to be an athlete or concert pianist, you’ll no doubt have a daily workout or regime to get you to your goal. So, how do you train to be godly? By devoting yourself to the word of God and being disciplined in allocating time to its study and meditation!

      Sounds difficult? It doesn’t have to be! This REAP Journal will help you to reach your spiritual goals with an easy-to-use format and a daily Bible Reading Program to keep you on track.

      REAP stands for Read, Explore, Apply and Pray and is designed to make reading the Bible easy as a part of everyday life. There's a version for Adults, Youth and Kids, with similar daily passages across all versions (with special consideration for each demographic), meaning that families can learn together just as easy as individuals can.


      REAP Journal for Adults from Youthworks on Vimeo.


      “Let’s get back to basics! Daily, disciplined study of God’s word personally, and in families, is indispensable for Christian knowledge and obedience. With the REAP journals, Youthworks has given us a great tool to help achieve this.” Former Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen
      “Unless you’ve got a ‘total recall’ brain, you’re going to forget the stuff that God is teaching you through his Word. Grab this journal, write stuff down and see your life transformed.” Rod Bishop, Youth Minister, St Paul’s Anglican Church, Castle Hill
      “I started using these journals three years ago and found myself waking up early, when everyone else was asleep, to sneak quietly into my study to read my Bible and pray. I hope that these REAP journals will excite you about spending time with God, as well.” Al Stewart, Chairman, Katoomba Christian Convention
      “At the heart of Christian living is our personal relationship with God. The strength of the REAP Journals is they help us turn a disciplined reading routine into a very personal two-way conversation with our heavenly Father. With a generous dose of daily scriptures, the full year reading plan and the easy-to-follow format of ‘Read, Explore, Apply and Pray’, make studying the Scriptures on a daily basis enriching for everyone.” Paul Barnett, Author, Lecturer and former Bishop of North Sydney
      “As Christians we believe that God speaks to us through the Bible and that it is the foundation of our faith and belief but sadly the reality is that the Bible is not being read regularly. There is a decline in teaching the Bible in Churches and a decline in focused and regular Bible reading by individuals. Any endeavor that seeks to address this imbalance is a positive step. The “REAP Journals” are a wonderful and badly needed resource. Age appropriate, well thought out, contemporary presentation, helpful and easy to use.” Karl Faase, Senior Pastor Gymea Baptist Church
      “It took a while to get into the swing of it but the habit of reading my Bible daily has been a life saver. Taking Christ’s word to heart sharpens your perspective. Daily Bible reading using this REAP journal will put you in the best possible place to be strengthened for the life Christ’s Spirit is calling you to live.” John Gray, Senior Minister, St Paul’s Anglican Church, Castle Hill

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