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Ben Pakula



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    • Masterplan is a biblical-theology concept album. It's a musical presentation of the whole story of the Bible, focusing on the centrality of Jesus.

      Kids, teens, and anyone who isn't too old to rock will no doubt enjoy the immersing music and theology Masterplan has to offer.

      Tracklist includes:

      - Let there be light

      - True light

      - The Fall

      - Serpent crusher

      - Promises

      - His name was Abraham

      - Slavery in Egypt

      - Saved by the blood of the Lamb

      - Out of the world of death

      - Teaching people for salvation

      - A king like the others

      - A King like God

      - Exile

      - The righteous will live by faith

      - Valley of dry bones

      - Dead bones walking

      - God speaks again

      - The Saviour of the world

      - Let your will be done

      - The Passion part 1: Gethsemane

      - Leaving the world of life

      - The Passion part 2: Golgotha

      - The Passion part 3: the risen King

      - The Spirit of Jesus

      - Building his Church

      - Heaven awaits

      - Waiting for the Saviour


      I love Ben’s work, and so do our kids. It’s a powerful rock style combined with words that teach profound truths about God, Jesus, humanity and the world. (Read more) 

      - Rev Dr Lionel Windsor, Lecturer in New Testament at Moore Theological College

      About the Artist

      Ben Pakula is a Jewish person who trusts in Jesus. He is the happy husband of Stacie, and proud father of Eli and Micah. He came to trust in Jesus when he was 19 years old, and now seeks to see the gospel of Jesus proclaimed through whatever means he can, including Christian music. His favourite bands are Dream Theater, Symphony X and Porcupine Tree, and he has a passion for combining heavy, sophisticated music with Biblical Theology.

      Artist Spotlight: Ben Pakula 

  • Product Details
    • ISBN: 978-1-925041-16-3
    • Product Type: CD
    • Author: Ben Pakula

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