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    • Kids Read is a free resource to help you get started reading the Bible with your child whether they are preschool, primary school or in high school. Kids Read will help you have engaging discussion with your child about the Bible by providing some age appropriate questions for your Bible time. It is not a devotional. Kids Read is a support to help you open any page of the Bible (or even a Story Bible) and read it together.

      God powerfully speaks to people through his Word. He speaks to old and young, mature and adolescent. Together we can come before the Lord and listen to him. We can help one another understanding what God is saying and pray together as fellow disciples of Jesus. 

      How to use the resource?

      Step 1: Download the resource
      Step 2: Print the page(s) best suited for your family
      Step 3: Fold the page in half, stick it in your Bible
      Step 4: Choose a passage from the Bible and read together, using Kids Read to have a great discussion

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