Jesus Calms the Storm

Shan Joseph



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    • Looking for a gift for your Sunday School class, scripture class, or for other little people in your life?

      This exciting computer-illustrated story of the night Jesus calmed the storm is a fun way to introduce children aged 4–8 to the Jesus who stopped raging wind and waves with just a few words. Jesus Calms the Storm shows children that they can trust Jesus, who has power to save and who is God’s Son.

      About the author

      From an early age, Shan loved to write stories and dabble in all kinds of art forms. After completing high school, Shan discovered a love for 3D animation and set out to become a 3D film visual effects (VFX) artist.

      After years of chasing his dream job, Shan felt weary and tired. His faith was almost non-existent other than attending church and doing 'Christian things'. Eventually, Shan realised that although he knew a lot about Jesus, he did not know Him personally. So, Shan committed his life to following and serving Jesus Christ.

      Since then, Shan has served God faithfully through his 3D art, creating wonderful children’s series like the Jesus Little Books, depicting short-and-sweet Bible stories about Jesus' life. 

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