Footsteps for Future Generations

Ian Barnett (ed)



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    • Being a grandparent is an exciting privilege that most are thrilled to take on—but in a world veering further and further in its daily routines and shared values from what today’s grandparents grew up with, it can be a challenge. How can we connect with grandchildren experiencing so much that we never had to face? 

      This collection of essays and wisdom from Christian grandparents and those influenced by them will inspire and encourage grandparents to embrace our unique opportunity with purpose and passion: that of leaving the generations following us the legacy of faith in Jesus. These believers from various backgrounds and viewpoints share their triumphs, tips and troubles in this important book, which has grown out of the tide-turning National Grandparent Movement. 

      Contains chapters by: 

      • Colin Bale 
      • Ian Barnett 
      • Sarah and Keith Condie 
      • Jonathan Harris 
      • Christine and Peter Jensen 
      • Mike Raiter 
      • Kel Richards 



      My friend Ian Barnett is a grandparenting ministry pioneer, and Footsteps for Future Generations is a remarkable expression of his research, his biblical perspective and his wisdom. As an American counterpart to his passion for intentional Christian grandparenting, I found his Australian perspective affirming, informative and applicable to grandparents everywhere. This book is engaging, practical, and for many readers will be life-changing, as they come to understand a greater vision for their role as a grandparent. This has my highest recommendation! 

      Larry Fowler
      Founder and CEO, Legacy Coalition US 

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      Congratulations to Ian and his team for bringing this really important grandparenting opportunity to our attention through the National Grandparent Movement and its conference, and now through this book. The range of contributions is very helpful in directing and encouraging us to be more reflective in this crucial area. I really appreciated in particular the historical perspective presented. Thank you. 

      Keith Farmer 
      Principal Emeritus, Australian College of Ministries 

      About the authors 

      Colin Bale 

      Colin is married to Gillian, and they have three adult children. He has retired from full-time Anglican ministry after two decades of teaching at Moore Theological College, serving as both Vice Principal & Head of Church History. He now works part-time as the Minister to Seniors at Cobbitty Anglican Church.  

      He researches and writes in the areas of Australian church history and Australian military history. 

      Ian Barnett 

      Prior to his retirement, Ian Barnett served the Anglican Church of Australia as a full-time minister for over 30 years. At his retirement, he had been the Senior Minister at Figtree Anglican Church for 14 years. There, as his family grew, the Lord stirred his heart about the faith legacy that grandparents leave, which resulted in the launch of the National Grandparent Movement in 2017. 

      He and his wife Rhonda have been married for 42 years and followers of Jesus for more than 40 of them. They have three married children and seven grandchildren aged between 4 to 15 years. 

      Keith and Sarah Condie 

      Sarah and Keith have been married for over 40 years and have three adult children and two grandchildren. Sarah has worked as a law librarian and has been active in a range of Christian ministries, most recently as the Director of Wellbeing and Care at The Bridge Church, Sydney. Keith worked in child welfare for the state government before training for ministry and working in two churches in Sydney. For nearly 20 years he was Dean of Students and Lecturer in Ministry and Church History at Moore Theological College. 

      Since 2016, Sarah and Keith have been Co-Directors of the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute at Anglican Deaconess Ministries and are passionate about how Christians can maintain spiritual and mental health in their later years. 

      Tim Costello 

      Timothy Costello AO is an Australian Baptist minister who was the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia. Tim worked as a lawyer and served as mayor of St Kilda. Tim is one of Australia’s most respected community leaders, renowned for ensuring the challenges of global poverty are firmly and consistently on the national agenda. He has authored a number of books on faith and life, and believes in the power of legacy.  

      He and his wife Merridie have three adult children, Claire, Elliot and Martin, and are blessed with four grandchildren. 

      Jonathan Harris  

      Jonathan was raised by Church Missionary Society parents and grandparents in the Top End and in country NSW. A trained evangelist, he and his wife Wendy have led ministries together in the South Pacific and Australia. He now works as the National Team Lead for Bequest Management at Bible Society Australia.  

      Jonathan and Wendy have three adult children whom they love to spend time with, and Jonathan is trying to impress them by training to be an Ironman.  

      Christine and Peter Jensen  

      Peter and Christine continue to serve the Lord side-by-side as they have done for many years, not least when Peter was Principal of Moore College and then Archbishop of Sydney. They have five children and 26 grandchildren. Christine remains deeply involved in a number of ministries, including Mothers Union. Peter gives his time to theological education, preaching and writing. His most recent book is The Life of Faith. 

      Mike Raiter  

      Mike is the Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching in Melbourne, an organisation training people across Australia and the world. He has taught in theological colleges in Australia and Pakistan and is the author of several books. He’s married to Sarah, and they have four adult children and three grandchildren. Mike likes to walk with Sarah to coffee shops and wrap his mind around cryptic crosswords and crime novels.  

      Kel Richards  

      Kel Richards is a veteran Australian author, journalist and broadcaster. Over a long career he has hosted the ABC’s national flagship daily current affairs show AM, worked as a senior journalist and associate producer with ABC Television current affairs, and hosted his own talkback shows on commercial radio.  

      Kel currently appears on Sky News presenting the ‘Words Matter’ segment, writes a column for The Spectator Australia and presents on language topics on several major radio stations. Kel is the author of 58 books, is married to Barbara and has two children and three grandchildren. 

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