Discovering Jesus

Tim Hawkins



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    • For more 20 years, Discovering Jesus has been a trusted resource in explaining to young people what it means to become of a follower of Jesus.

      Written by Australian pastor Tim Hawkins, theses five short Bible studies are engaging for young Christians starting out, as well as youth who aren’t so familiar with church.

      The studies explore God’s big plan, the man of Jesus, his death, and why it’s so important to follow him, and concludes by asking what’s our response.

      Each study takes about 30 minutes, making them ideal for youth groups, lunchtime studies and camps.

      Discovering Jesus is the first book in the Growing Young Disciples series.

      About the author

      Tim Hawkins is one of the most experienced Christian youth pastors in Australia, with about 35 years under his belt. His books and resources are revolutionising youth ministry around the world, and are now being used as training manuals in many Bible colleges. Currently Tim and his wife Karen are serving in South Africa where Tim is training pastors and leaders to raise up the next generation of leaders to share the gospel. 


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