A Spectator's Guide to World Views

Simon Smart



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    • (Third Edition)

      Why do I think the way I think? How do I make send of a world that tells me that truth is relative, or that people are basically good? Can I really just look within myself to find strength to carry on? Where do I find hope, meaning and purpose?

      This lively, accessible book highlights society's most influential voices—including New Age, secular humanism, relativism and postmodernism. Readers will be rewarded with a way to process the complex messages of our 21st century world and an understanding of how these relate to a Christian world view.

      Drawing together research and insights of 11 writers, each chapter presents an objective treatment of a major system of thought, along with a focus on where each hits the ground in real life in film, music, advertising, literature and conversation.

      Readers are encouraged to assess each subject for coherence and liveability and to consider just where it is that we might find a sound base on which to build a life.

      Authors of the various chapters include John Dickson, Kirsten Birkett, Greg Clarke, Ross Clifford, Andrew Cameron, Rod Thompson, David Koyzis, Mary Fisher, Michele Smart and Geoff Broughton.

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