A Short Book about Jesus

Paul Barnett



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    • In this book, Paul Barnett shows that Jesus is far above and beyond a mere historical figure. As Paul thoughtfully explores the nature of Jesus’ ministry and character in the Bible and additional history, we are compelled to regard the Jesus who walked this earth as a human being, as truly a man of heaven whose unmatchable power, wisdom, works and love were forged from the very essence of God.

      A Short Book About Jesus is a clear, concise and thought-provoking read and is an ideal introduction to Jesus for anyone wanting to know more. It is also an excellent resource for personal reflection, for church small groups, for ministers preparing sermons or for those interested in apologetics.


      'Just at a time when some are once again trying to suggest that Jesus didn’t exist at all or that there is no historical evidence of his life, miracles or resurrection, Barnett reminds us of the solid grounding of our faith in the life and ministry of Jesus, who was “genuinely part of history as a transcendent figure” ... It is a book I want to give to those young Christians I know are regularly bombarded with pseudo-historical arguments which claim to have “disproved the basis of Christianity”.' Read more

      - Rev Dr Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore Theological College.

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