Youth Games with Purpose

Leah Dyason



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    • Discover how to run games with purpose! With more than 85 fun and challenging games!

      Do you spend as much time preparing the games for youth group as you do preparing the Bible study or talk? Probably not! For most youth gatherings, games are thought up randomly and just before they are played. Games should be fun and entertaining but, as Youth Ministers, we want to use games that illustrate gospel ideas, communicate God’s salvation plan and demonstrate Christ’s sacrificial love.

      Discover how to run games with purpose! With more than 85 fun and challenging games, this essential take-anywhere guide looks at why play is important for engaging with teenagers and how we can use games to teach the gospel and Christian living. Add to this practical tips and easy-to-follow instructions, Youth games with purpose is a must for every leader involved in youth ministry.

      Leah Dyason has been involved in youth ministry since 21—from Youthworks Holiday Camps and ministry positions in various Sydney Anglican and Presbyterian parishes and in working with teenage students at a Christian school. Leah has studied at Youthworks College and Sydney Missionary Bible and has had a great deal of experience running youth games with purpose.

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