Panda - Friends

Mark Hadley and Nathan Lee



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    • Panda loves to paint and play the drums, but most of all he loves to skate! So when he meets some fellow skateboarding enthusiasts, Panda just knows they’ll become good friends. But is shared passion the best foundation for friendship? In Friends, a tale that most kids aged 4-8 will identify with, Panda learns that inward-looking friends who show no concern for our identity or desires are hardly friends at all. This second book in the Panda series beautifully illustrates the Christian view of friendship, teaching kids to love others the way that God loves us.

      About the illustrator

      After four years at Sydney’s College of Fine Arts, Nathan Lee went to Youthworks College and now works as a youth minister on Sydney’s North Shore. Nathan lives in Sydney with his schoolteacher wife, Katrina. He is convinced that, after the skateboard, the felt-tip pen is humanity’s best invention!

      What is Panda: Friends about? 

      Panda: Friends, by Mark Hadley from Youthworks on Vimeo.

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